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The story behind SOCCERNUT

Whether or not you're a fan of the game FOOTBALL UNITES THE WORLD! In Britain and across Europe in particular FOOTBALL FANS are passionate about their teams. If you're a world traveller it's not unusual to find yourself in an isolated and undeveloped place having a conversation in pigeon English with a local inhabitant about Manchester United or Arsenal. Often BBC World Service football commentaries can be heard crackling out of ancient transister radios competing with the sounds of the insects. FOOTBALL IS SPECIAL— more than a game it's a PASSION!

SOCCERNUT was created to fulfill a demand from the families and friends of football fans to provide footbal cards for birthday and other occasions that are jokey and fun and have football as a common theme yet are different to the usual unimaginative cards that we find in many of our stores.

The light-hearted humour of the football cards reflect the banter and wit of the fans and the football terraces of the world. Our small but growing range of cards attempts to reflect the extraordinary comradery of this great footballing nation's support for the world's favourite game.

The cards are produced in-house under the creative director's watchful eye who has many years of experience working with well known cartoon characters. Soccernut cards are lovingly manufactured to order in our own print facility using the latest technology and the highest grade materials, each footbal card will be wrapped and despatched with the greatest care and attention.

We want to make your SOCCERNUT's day Special!

Snigger! Chortle! Just how grown-up are we?!!!