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Frequently Asked Questions

Why isn't my team here?

We respond to customer demands so if you want your team listed then send us a message with the team and the colours you want. In certain cases we are unable to produce designs without violating a club's intellectual property rights, Arsenal for example is a trademarked name. We will be contacting these clubs to ask their permission.

Why is strip in the cartoon different to my teams latest kit?

Clubs frequently change their kit to accommodate new sponsorship deals, keep the kit design looking fresh or just to satisfy the whims of the club's owner. There was once a time when a clubs kit would hardly change over many seasons but nowadays the kit changes more often and there are no rules to say how often a club can change their kit. Cynics may suggest it is a way of parting devoted football fans from their hard earned money!

My teams colours are wrong?

Through constant research we try to reflect team colours, often they will be a mix of new and traditional strip. If we've got one wrong drop us a line and we'll fix it! "Sorry Guv, but we ain't perfect!"

Is this official merchandise?

In a word "NO!". The cards are not about the football clubs but about the fans! Fans are the loyal and devoted supporters whose support runs through generations whilst players, managers and owners may come and go depending on the amount of money they are offered. Okay maybe that's not always the case but fans stay faithful through thick and thin! Commercially, if we were to go through a licensing and approval process with each club our cards would be 5 times the price and it would be the fans, friends and family of fans that lose out!